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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thoughts so far.

I went away to write and think and "catch up." I thought I would be writing here, on my blog. I thought I would get back to the Vespa serial, which I would like very much to do. I thought I'd figure out my next "project." I thought I would stay until Thursday. I thought I would get lonely.

None of these things happened. Okay, I thought a LOT and I did get somewhat "catched up." I have my syllabub about 99% done. Instead of writing here, however, I read other people's blogs and whacky facebook entries. I did read the Vespa serial front to back and then put it in a stack on the table and spilled red wine all over it when I found a fly in my glass, I mean, it was apparently in my glass but I found it on my tongue and then I spilled the wine everywhere including on the Vespa serial print-out. It wasn't a sign, but I never did get back to it. It has dried nicely, crinkly and rather wine-cellar scented. Maybe that's a sign.

I did have a good time though. I did write. It felt somewhat like a logjam breaking up or maybe the way it feels when it finally rains. Or maybe the way the stink bugs felt when I released them back to the wild. I had many encounters with the insect world, especially if spiders are included in that world. Chief among insects was the stink bug. ew. Also featured: a drowsy wasp and the floating fly. But now the rain begins again. The weather report says it 100% will until about 2am when I plan to be asleep and not notice the lessening. I'll wake up, pack the car and return home. I imagine I'll be driving in the rain. I'll be listening to Harry Potter on CD and I will be home unbelievably fast doing so. Can't wait. And at last I blogged.

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