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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Almost . . .

. . .Valentine's Day and I'm trying to choose poems for the reading I'll be doing with Nils on lucky pre-valentine's Friday the 13th (see the sidebar). So much about love and then not enough. About love. And Valentine's just the goofiest holiday of all, and too often the biggest rip-off of the human spirit instead of its celebration. Speaking of, not the rip-off part but the h.s. part, I have to admit that my newest religion is the video below, the Brickies of Bangladesh. I watch it at least once a day. After seeing it, it's sorta hard to look at things the same way. And that's what the best poetry is about, I think.

So on Valentine's not-day we'll be reading some poems from all sorts of poets, and looking at the different layers of love, trying to get to the real labor of love, balancing one brick atop the next, pulling one's foot out of the way when one falls. . .finding another brick to take its place, to keep the balance. Hope you can come.

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